2018 League Safety Rules

Updated Friday March 9, 2018 by Habersham Little League.

2018 Habersham Little League Safety Manual Habersham Little League Safety Mission To provide the safest possible environment for our players, fans, managers, coaches and umpires by adhering to a safety code that will not be compromised by the decisions and actions of the league’s members. Safety Code A Safety Awareness Program was introduced by Little League Baseball to create awareness through education and information, to provide a safer environment for kids and all participants of Little League Baseball. In support of this initiative, the following items have been incorporated into our league’s safety code. It is the responsibility of every adult member of Habersham Little League to understand and implement this Safety Plan.  All managers and coaches will be trained in first-aid procedures.  Each team will know where the fully stocked first-aid kit is located at Diamond Memorial Field.  Make arrangements for the timely acquisition of emergency medical services in advance of all games and practices (i.e. cell phones, local emergency numbers, etc)  Do not practice or play games when weather or field conditions are unfavorable, or when there is inadequate lighting. The umpire has the final say as to whether a game can continue or not.  Coaches and umpires shall inspect play areas for holes, damage, stones, glass and other foreign objects prior to games and practices. Unsafe field conditions must be reported to the Safety Officer and condition must be corrected before play may resume.  Store all team equipment in dugouts or behind screens, not within the area defined by the umpires as “in play”.  Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field or in dugouts during games and practice sessions.  Coaches are responsible for keeping bats and loose equipment off of the playing field.  Coaches should emphasize that all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.  During warm-up drills, space players so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.  Perform all pre-game warm-ups within the confines of the playing field and not within areas that are frequented by spectators.  Before each game or practice, inspect the condition and proper fit of equipment. Replace any unsafe equipment. Discard and destroy rejected equipment to prevent salvaging and reuse.  Batters must wear Little League approved protective helmets during batting practice and games. Base Runners must also wear helmets. Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet, mask, throat protector, long model chest protector, shin guards and protective cup with an athletic supporter at all times (males) for all practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Modifications to equipment such as initials, decals, paint or other that varies from the original manufactured product will not be permitted.  *Managers should encourage all male players, especially infielders to wear protective cups and supporters during practices and games.  Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet, mask and throat protector and protective cup with an athletic supporter at all times when warming up pitchers.  Head first slides are not permitted except when a runner is returning to a base.  Do not use anchored bases at any time.  Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Shoes with moulded cleats are permissible.  Do not allow “horse play” during practices and games.  Parents of players who wear glasses are encouraged to provide “safety glasses”.  Coaches are not permitted to wear identical uniforms to players at any time- coaching jerseys are permitted with no additional modifications from the league standard issue uniform.  Players on each team must have cohesive uniforms with like jerseys and bottoms. No variations to the uniforms will be permitted with the exception of a sponsor listing(s). Player jerseys may not have individual modifications such as patches, player names or additional verbiage, pins or differentiate in any way from the league standard issue uniform.  Pitchers and catchers should wear only dark-colored long sleeve undergarments during colder weather (white can hide the ball as it leaves the hand and be dangerous)  The use of protective mouth guards by all players is encouraged, especially infielders.  Players must not wear watches, rings, sleeves, necklaces, pins or metallic items except for emergency medical bracelets (which must be taped in place or secured with a soft sweat/wristband) during games and practices.  Managers and coaches may not warm up pitchers before or during a game. This includes standing at backstop during practice as an informal catcher for batting practice.  On-deck batters are not permitted. No player may swing a bat during practice or games unless the player is up at bat.  Managers will have players’ medical forms at all games and practices.  No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises at any time.  ASAP News Newsletter will be made available by email.  The use of reduced impact balls will be required for Tee ball and Minor League divisions.

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